"Hey Siri, Could you switch on the aircond?

Sensibo turns your air-conditioner to a smart devices so you don’t have to ever worry about losing your a/c remote

GeoFencing® Feature

Cools/heats the house before you arrive

Android, IOS & Web App

Monitor your A/C anytime and from anywhere

Increased Efficiency

Increase your A/C efficiency by 40%

Choose the perfect Sensibo

Whether you are living alone or have a family of five, we have all them all for you. Each purchase comes with our 14 Day Money-back Guarantee,


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Family Kit

Frequently asked questions

Sensibo makes your existing air conditioner smart and connected!cSensibo is an external device that you pair your remote controlled air conditioner with.

Sensibo lets you control your air conditioner through an app from anywhere in the world, and helps you save a significant amount of energy.

Saves on Energy – With the ‘Location Awareness’ feature Sensibo will turn your air conditioner ON or OFF when you Enter or Exit the room.

Plan ahead – Use the ‘Calendar’ to schedule when your air conditioner turns ON/OFF; Change the Temperature; Change the Fan mode.

To download the user manual, you can download the manual here

Sensibo Sky Technical Specification

  • Model – Sensibo Sky
  • Description – smart air conditioner controller
  • Dimensions (L x W x H) – 83 x 57 x 20 mm
  • Color – Light Grey
  • Operating Voltage – 110 -240 V
  • Operating Current – 0.02 – 0.08 A
  • Radio Frequency – 2412 – 2462 MHz
  • FCC & RTTE Certification – FCC ID 2AHCD-SKY-01
  • CE Certified – Yes
  • Connectivity requirements – WiFi b/g/n 2.4 GHz with internet connection
  • Antenna – DN007 – 2.4 GHz Inverted F Antenna, gain 3.0 dBi
  • Radio Output Power – 0.023 W
  • Encryption – 256-Bit AES Encryption for TLS and SSL
  • Sensors – Temperature and Relative Humidity
  • Operating Temperature – 0° – 60° C
  • Green – Contains no hazardous substances RoHS compliant

Sensibo supports any air conditioner that has an infrared remote control

Whether it’s a mini split, window AC, ductless, portable, heat pump and even central air conditioners that come with an infrared remote control.

If you have a central air conditioner with dampers, and each damper has a separate an infrared remote control, Sensibo supports those too.

To check a specific brand you can enter the name of the brand on our compatibility checker here:

If you have any other questions feel free to ask us a question by clicking the button on the bottom right.

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Sharon Maplesden
Sharon Maplesden
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Loving my new gadget! I wish i ordered several more! #Sensibo #SmartAC
Stanley Goodner
Stanley Goodner
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Why replace a good #AC unit when you can give it a #smart, #Sensibo upgrade? #internetofthings #tech
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Best thing about our #connectedhome on a hot day.. aircon on as we leave work and cool house as we get home. House went from 39 to 26 in 32 mins while we were on the bus. #sensibo @sensibo
Enon Landenberg
Enon Landenberg
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In love with the #sensibo in our sFBI House.
The Ostrich
The Ostrich
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Got my #Sensibo kit, and it made my A/C smarter!

Sensibo Sky Air Conditioner Controller 


(232 Reviews)

It’s never been easier to control your air conditioner from anywhere, anytime. Maximize your comfort and save energy. Sensibo is the ultimate device to make your A/C or heat pump smart.

  • Control your A/C from anywhere
  • Smart timer & 7-day scheduling
  • Temperature & humidity sensors
  • Climate React triggers
  • Turns on when you arrive
  • Turns off when last person leaves
  • App for Android, iOS, Web
  • Filter maintenance reminder
(232 Reviews)

Why Sensibo Sky Air Conditioner Controller?

Temperatures in Malaysia can go as high as 30-33 celcius (especially in March and August), and to give you a comparison…that’s 1/3 the boiling temperature of water. Because of the high humidity, you’ll be able to feel it more, Weatherspark even denotes Malaysia as “hot, oppressive and overcast”. And a normal “comfortable” air con temperature is usually between 25-28 celcius for most people – and yes, this applies to Malaysia and Singapore too. Despite advancements in technology, the air con remote has undergone very little innovation over the years. The average person wouldn’t know what the icons mean…besides the ‘snowflake’ icon, do you know what the rest of them are? Some people liken it to the 21st century version of ‘programming a VCR’. We’ll make it easy for you especially if you’re suffering from the heat! Here’s a guide on how you can keep your air con costs low – and if you’re looking into a new property too, this tips are especially applicable: – You can reduce the temperature in a room firstly by blocking out sunlight. Are your windows tinted? Are your curtains ‘blackout’ curtains that come in two layers (like those in hotels), that have two layers – one when you want sunlight in but want privacy, and another when you want complete darkness. On a side note, this is also why you probably sleep better (and oversleep) at hotels – humans have been conditioned over the years to wake up when there’s sunlight. – Are you trying to cool too big an area? Consider partitioning your hall, even Japanese style dividers will work if you have a long layout, especially if your layout goes all the way from the living room to the kitchen. – Trying to save money on buying a second hand air con (especially if it’s more than a year old), will cost you more in the long run in maintenance and power bills. – The Do you find yourself waking up too often because your room is too cold? Here’s how you use your air con remote: Cool mode is the most common mode (snowflake), this is where the air conditioner is working and the fans inside are kept running. As you might expect, this is the mode that consumes the most power. If your room is already cold, don’t make the mistake of turning off the air con – switch mode to “fan only” to maintain air circulation but not Dry mode should be used when its humid – meaning hot and moist. Use dry mode to maintain humidity at an optimum level. Don’t leave it running too long though, too long will dry up your skin…unless you want to save money at the cost of looking older! To know more, read our article – is your air conditioner helping you stay beautiful? If you can’t remember all of the above, we have a simple solution for you. Why not get Sensibo? Sensibo is great even if you’re right at home – it’s a lot easier to use your smartphone rather than fiddle with an aircon remote. Firstly, you’ll be able to control your air con with your smartphone, with a touchscreen UI. This means you’ll spend less time trying to understand the icons. Secondly, Sensibo can ensure that your air con is automatically turned off once you leave the house, as it can track your smartphone GPS. And one of the features that you’ll definitely love is remote activation – imagine coming back from a hot day, and you can set your air con to make the room nice and cool when you’re a few KM away.
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